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Table of Contents

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Truth Telling and Disclosure
Is it ever acceptable to lie to a patient?

When can physicians ethically divulge confidential medical information?

Capacity and Informed Consent
How do physicians know patients are making the right health care decisions? When they cannot decide, who does it for them?

Refusal and Withdrawal of Treatment
When and why is treatment withheld or withdrawn? Who decides and how?

Physician Assisted Dying
What is the physician's ethical role in helping a patient die?

When is termination of pregnancy morally acceptable?

Maternal - Fetal Relations
What are the moral expectations of a pregnant woman to her fetus?

Genetic Testing
How should information from genetic testing by ethically handled?

Stem Cell Research
Is it ethical to destroy embryonic blastocysts to harvest stem cells for research?

Research on Human Subjects
How ought we protect human subjects in clinical research?

Newborns, Infants, and Children
How do we address ethical problems in treating patients without capacity because of their young age?

Medical Malpractice
How can we contain the runaway cost of defending medicine?

Rationing Limited Health Care Resources
What's so sinister about the "R" word?

Managed Care
Can private organizations control the cost of health care any better than the providers themselves? If so, at what cost to patients and physicians?

Universal Health Care
Can the government do it any better?

Accountability for Health Care Decisions
Your freedom is my tax (or premium) burden.

Ethical Issues for Medical Students
Do you want to be right or do you want to be effective?

Professional Ethics
What makes a good physician?

Some Final Thoughts
Where is medicine headed? How can you use this material to prepare for your interview?


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